Technical Runs and Rehearsal Days

While at Chapter for the days before the show we were able to rehearse technically several times as well as personal rehearsals around our technical slots. This time was used to iron out any issues that were otherwise unknown. The primary purpose of my personal rehearsal time with Zakk and Joe was to fully choreograph our lighting. Using the six lamps manually, with two per person allowed for us to incorporate it as part of the act. We would choreograph to have the lights on while we were playing individually and off when we were not. I particularly enjoyed the moments when we would have off beats and all of the lights were turned off and on again in quick succession.

The technical runs weren’t particularly smooth for me as a number of unforeseen issues occurred with my guitar. On the first day we had trouble receiving a signal from my guitar so had to use a boosted DI box which seemed to work well. However, on the second day there was a random loss and gain of signal from the same guitar on the same DI. We came to the conclusion that there were loose connections in the wiring from my pickup to my jack input. Because of this issue I decided to abandon my guitar for the performance and use another.


We were otherwise able to participate in the technical runs well seeing how the lighting and ourselves sat visually on the stage and getting good levels for the bass, cajon and guitar.

I was personally involved in the stage crew for the show, helping to organize changeovers efficiently along with Rosie who took a lead role in this which she played well. We were able to effectively run the shows changeovers in a short time frame by carefully choreographing movement of equipment.


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