Performance Evaluation

Looking back at the performance I feel there were aspects of it that were good and aspects that could have been improved upon. Generally speaking a reasonably pleased with the way the performance went and but I do feel some disappointment at the way some things panned out.

Firstly I had an issue where just before my set, while tuning the guitar I was going to be playing with one of the strings broke. This was a disaster as there were only minutes until I had to go on stage and perform so there was no time to replace the string. I first contemplated whether I would be able to play the set without that string or whether it was integral to some of the songs and concluded that I would indeed need that string to play several of the songs. Luckily, Joel had just finished performing and his guitar was fully in tact. He allowed me to use his guitar for my performance which was excellent but I had never played this guitar before and was apprehensive about my ability to smoothly play on it. The guitar was relatively similar in style to my own but the strings were slightly closer together which I had to mentally make note of as I was playing as not to hit the wrong strings by accident. This was not a huge worry of mine but was a consideration when playing. I had also practiced tuning the other guitar before the set so I would know the approximate required rotation of each tuning peg to change between each song which now would not be applicable to the new guitar. I therefor had to rely on the in built tuner on the guitar to changing my tuning in the short period that I had between each song. I managed this successfully on all occasions but one. By rushing the tuning for the song Dominos I had either missed entirely or simply tuned to the wrong note on one of the strings. This was a difficult problem to maneuver away from as it would clearly be heard in the chorus which is when I first noticed the issue. I very quickly adjusted my playing style to miss that string out entirely which adversely affected the song that I had written but saved the performance from being completely out of tune.

In terms of the lighting I was slightly disappointed on some of the songs. I found that I kept missing the pedal switch to activate the lights which was not a problem i had encountered before so had not prepared accordingly. This in turn was throwing off my other performers which meant that there were times when the lighting array had to become improvised as apposed to its original choreography. This element of improvisation was acceptable and to those who had not seen any of my original practices would likely not have noticed very much that it wasn’t intended. I was happy with the way that the lights looked on stage and in the instances where the choreography could be executed properly I think it was very effective visually.

The videos that I had playing behind me were one of the aspects that I feel went perfectly. The audio level was good and the visuals were clear and descriptive. I feel as though without them the performance wouldn’t have worked at all which is interesting. My only slight concern is that they maybe could have been more in depth with their description and explanation of the songs. It was difficult when making them to look at the project from the perspective of somebody who didn’t know anything about the p[project and so there was an element of assumption involved.

Vocally I did not think this was my best performance. I found that I was heavily distracted by my monitoring that had the vocal very high in the mix. I was also aware of my guitar tuning issues early on and was singing probably more cautiously than was necessary which resulted in some tuning issues. The monitor issue should have been addressed in the technical run but as the technical runs were complicated by the issues with my guitar it became an after thought that was pushed aside. This was a mistake for me and would definitely have addressed this more fully if i were to do it again.

As a whole the performance was a success in many ways. The set was running on time and coherently despite my issues technically. My other musicians Joe and Zakk played well and I am appreciative of them for putting in the time and effort to rehearse with me. Some songs I feel didn’t translate particularly well to a live performance. Maybe I have been put off them by the tuning issues and perhaps they would have worked well otherwise but looking back at the performance i would say that the second song Dominos did not really work. I was pleased with the other songs generally, especially the lighting and music in the third song Dissonant. In conclusion I would say that i am broadly pleased with the performance but I think that more preparation is always a good thing with situations like this and personal reflection on a showcase is also a good thing to ensure that you are happy with all aspects of a performance before you showcase it.

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