In terms of marketing, looking at this project as a whole I see two sides to its audience. On the one hand I see it appealing to people in a general music consumer capacity and on the other I see it as an entity to be received and interpreted as an arts project. Firstly, thinking about potential current venues Flatpack would suit currently, it would fit well into some regular gig venues locally such as Gwdihw and Clwb Ifor Bach and in a slightly broader field stretching to similar style venues in places like Bristol and Birmingham. More culturally diverse venues are ideal for this type of project such as Chapter where our final show will take place as well as other arts center based venues as apposed to just gig venues. I think that this particular project does stretch more into the arts while maintaining its accessibility as a regular consumable live performance in the folk or indie genre. I also think that festivals of several varieties would be an excellent showcase for this project. Smaller festivals like Swn in Cardiff would be an interesting option because of it’s diversity and on a larger scale places like Greenman and Nozstock with it’s open mind to new forms of performance.

I would say that from a performance perspective alone, I am similar in style to artists like The Gentle Good and Dan Croll. These artists play in very different types of venues and have very different audiences. The Gentle Goods typical audience is in their post 20’s and generally has an interest in folk music as a primary leisure music. The Welsh heritage side to his act also draws a certain percentage of his audience because he writes and sings in both Welsh and English. Dan Croll on the other hand has no cultural heritage in his act particularly and is definitely the more commonly consumable artist of the two. He presents himself on stage in a similar way to my personal performance style and incorporates some similar writing styles. His particular audience is of a younger age bracket ranging from around 16 to 25. He plays smaller city venues such as the Globe in Cardiff and small stages at festivals whereas The Gentle Good plays more specialized venues for his craft including areas of interest for Welsh culture like welsh festivals and also folk projects and festivals across the country and globally. I like to think that my personal performance sits somewhere between these two artists and takes a portion of influence from both and so i should be trying to market myself towards their audiences using their marketing techniques.

As an entity my persona and the product of my performance should be primarily advertised online as is with most musicians these days. Social media is a powerful tool when it cokes to marketing and advertising yourself as an artist especially when you take into consideration the demographic data that you have access to as an admin of one of these pages for yourself. It could be argued that social media was once a very powerful tool in the world of marketing but has since become diluted by a overcrowded population of people trying to gain attention of users and instead we should be looking towards other methods for reaching out to an audience. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with having an online presence and is generally needed to survive as an artist but i would not rely on it entirely for my own personal marketing and advertising. Getting yourself played on the radio and in publications that people of my target demographic subscribe to are very good ways to promote as an artist.



  • Good visual aesthetic on stage with the lighting.
  • Well received music from my small audiences at our practice showcase performances.


  • Little feedback from larger groups of people.
  • Currently a low level of online and public content.


  • Festivals
  • Radio and publication coverage
  • Arts and songwriting events


  • Potentially little interest for my niche in the market.
  • Fewer people are consuming music in my genre in a live environment.


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