First Group Rehearsal

I have briefly made tutorials with Zakk and Joe individually to teach them their respective parts but had not yet played together as an ensemble until recently. The individual tutorials were simple and both Zakk and Joe showed a high level of proficiency in learning and mastering the songs I had written which made me more relaxed about the project as a whole. The track ‘Dissonant’ was one which showed some issues in terms of teaching it to the others. While teaching it to Joe we discovered that I had written it in a strange timing, more specifically in the verses the rhythm is set out in a looping pattern of beats in the form 66365. This made mastering the rhythmic flow of the song difficult for Joe having to create not only matching percussive beats but also ones that would suit the aesthetic of the song but eventually we found the result we were looking for.

The first full ensemble practice lasted a few hours and we were e able to play all of the songs that I had intended for my set. We spent the most time on the ‘Dissonant’ song as it was the one I was most fearful of. The others were far more basic sitting in normal 4 time rhythms and reasonably simple bass parts for Zakk to learn. In practicing this one the most ironically it would become our strongest song as fear of being weak in this song meant that we neglected some time to spend on the other songs. It was also helpful for me as a writer to have the input of two other musicians who were playing the music on arrangement of the pieces for the live performance. We played with a suggestion that Joe gave of playing the final song ‘People’ in a swung rhythm but ultimately decided that it didn’t suit the particular aesthetic I was attempting.

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