Performance Reviews

The following three performance have been integral in my development in terms of performance. I have primarily used them as a means to access which lighting, positioning, and demeanor is most effective for me on stage.

The first I chose a sitting positioning with usual room lighting. This was noneffective in my opinion. When initially deciding on this I thought it might evoke a sense of intimacy but the desire was not achieved and the outcome came to be that on an unprofessional performance with a sense of casualness as apposed to intimacy. Sitting I feel could have been an option. Coming down to the level of the audience breaks the psychological barrier and enters their space which in the correct situation can be very effective as a performance tactic. It would, when used appropriately create the intimate atmosphere I had hoped for, but not in this instance.

The lighting in this example is far better. I used an angled light to project orange light onto myself from floor level allowing a broad shadow to cast over the wall behind. I decided that I would stand in order to change everything from my last performance. Standing was not an ineffective tactic and certainly surrounded me with a sense of performer as apposed to player but I felt slightly overpowering in front of a smaller intimate audience. As the size of the audience for the final show will be larger, I feel this would be a suitable way to play.

For the third performance I had had time to reflect on my previous performances and decided this time I would change the colour of the lighting to see what effect it had. The green colour in my opinion didn’t work particularly well. This was likely because of the genre I was playing in suited a more warm and natural colour of light.

I am most pleased with the outcome of the second performance and will use this as a basis for my final show.

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