Market and Audience

The process itself in this project is based around the idea of experimental composition and the nature of the project is more relate-able as an arts project than a commercial project. It is not specifically being made and performed with the express intention to sell but this does not however mean that there is no market or audience for such a project, it simply becomes a case of further refinement when defining a target market for it.

The performance is not particularly innovative when viewed in immediacy but the story behind its birth is. The interest in the project may be exhibited particularly but song writers who are interested in the techniques used as a starting point. This is by no means aimed specifically at those people, it may simply appeal to them as an interesting side effect. If a label must be put to the type of people who would be interested in such a performance/project then it would be those interested in the less mundane and commercialized artists and musicians and the more experimental and avant-garde performances.

Giving a basic profile, I theorize that my audience would usually be younger although this would not always be the case. They would likely have an interest in composition and the aesthetics of the process. They would likely be interested in music sub culture and would likely attend similar style events.

To make this project somewhat more accessible to a broader audience, it is to be performed in conventional style. The instrumentation is com

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