Full Schedule

This Schedule is precise and well planned but due to the nature of the project and it relying heavily on creative input from myself which can’t always be forced, those aspects of the timescale may be subject to change.

The bulk of time spent on this project is in the writing process specifically. As this is a lengthy process and must be completed before all other stages can begin the schedule does not start until they are due to be finished in February.

20th February 2017 – Songs composition finished – all footage recorded for video.

1st March 2017 – All song arrangements planned for instrumentation.

17th March 2017 – Test footage for visuals finalized (subject to change).

23rd March 2017 – Provide music for instrumentalists.

1st April 2017 – Researched and practiced work on lighting rig and finalize plan for implementation.

11th April 2017 – Rehearsal sessions with musicians.

19th April 2017 – Rehearse with video accompaniment.

26th April 2017 – Rehearse with video and lighting accompaniment.

28th April 2017 – Finalize stage plan and positioning.

4th May 2017 – Full rehearsal with theatrical timing and interval videos.


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