Conceptual Idea

My idea for my live performance is a live creation of my production work. I am working towards creating an experimental album using experimental songwriting techniques. To accompany this work I am making a short documentary of the process.

In terms of envisaging this as a live performance I have decided to perform the songs written with visual accompaniment in the form of edited footage from the documentary displayed behind me on stage from a projector. In terms of visual aesthetic the footage would be edited so that it would synchronize with the songs being played. I find the idea of displaying the footage of the songs being written while the finished music is being performed exciting and encompassing of the message and ideas behind the entire project.

In terms of accompaniment, it is difficult to fully realize the scope of musicians, instrumentation and positioning at this point as the songs have not been written yet. Only as I write the songs will I know what kind of instruments will be needed to perform them. It is entirely possible that the entire set could be performed alone, however I am drawn to the idea of ensemble in this instance, not only for sonic aesthetic but also for the theatrical aspect performing in ensemble provides.

As a latter thought, I would ideally like to arrange a specific lighting rig around my performers and myself in the form of automated Edison bulb style lamps. This is an early and relatively vague concept but they would essentially be free standing on stage and would fade in analogue fashion. They would accompany the music but fading in, out, glowing, flashing etc. I am specifically visualizing specifically Edison style bulb lamps because of their warm orange glow which I think would provide an intimate aesthetic which I am drawn to.

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