Performance Reviews

Dan Coll – Marion

This performance is simple and basic with a dramatic and effective visual element without deterring viewers from the music itself.

The music clearly has two sections, A and B. The A section is played by the front man alone and section B is accompanied by the full band. the lighting accompanies this in a simple but very effective way.

The stage positioning is good but i feel that the performance is slightly dulled by the performers not ‘performing’ particularly. They seem to act as though they are not on stage to an audience which may be influenced by the genre but I feel this is to poor effect.

The idea of spectacle is minimal and i feel that a small attempt has been made to enhance this with the lighting but the effort is wasted on a bland canvas that is the performers themselves. in this case the over-casual nature of the performance lets itself down.

Musically the song is pleasing and in keeping with its current genre and the accompaniment suits it well.

There is nothing particularly new or groundbreaking in this performance, it’s your standard acoustic/indie songwriter style that will attract the same audiences it always has.

I would say that the genre of this performance carries elements that relate to my own work in terms of style and instrumentation. What I feel this performance lacks, I intend to bring to my own performances.

Vulfpeck – Beastly

This performance contrasts hugely to the last. Performed in a recording studio, the atmosphere and ambiance of the piece is far from a performance scenario. I feel that the showmanship of the performers is far superior to that of the previous video, despite their surroundings.

This to me feels like a spectacle. The music itself helps this along greatly by allowing for improvisation and funky grooves that allow the performers to show off giving them a loophole into a new level of spectacle.

I feel the genre blends other genres together and reaches a broader audience than others might. This seems to be a fresh new take on some classic ideas that I think would appeal to a broader audience.

I would like the energy portrayed in this performance to be present in mine. Additionally I am fond of some of the musical ideas in this and would like to explore them myself, even though it isn’t an area I’ve looked at before.

Janelle Monae – Come Alive

The idea of performance by spectacle is rarely more prominent than in this example. The interesting aspect of this is that the spectacle is controlled and influenced by the music. Visually it is very impressive but is all in keeping appropriately with the sonic aspect of the performance.

Weather the visuals are put more prominently in the minds of the performer is unclear but it is clear that they have not sacrificed music for the performance. The only potential example of this is vocal ability which is slightly marred due to the large physical elements of the piece.

Again I feel the music in this performance reaches a broader audience by taking elements of old and new to forge something different. Familiar ideas that have been polished for a newer audience was clearly the goal in forging this.

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